All of our water is harvested from rain water or pumped to a reservoir from the dam. Rainwater is predominantly used for drinking and cooking while dam water is for washing, showering, the gardens and other uses. All grey water from the showers and kitchen feeds the banana circles, thus we prefer if you use non-toxic, biodegradable shampoos and soaps. There are rainwater taps for drinking
available, please bring a reusable water bottle.

Compost toilets and outdoor showers
There are a number of compost toilets around the farm that are maintained with love and often come with a view! There is ash and organic material available for you to cover your deposit after use and a bin for sanitary products. We have 3 beautiful, rustic outdoor showers that are heated by a donkey boiler. A fire is usually lit in the late afternoon and the water often remains hot right through till the following morning.

Fires are only allowed in the firepit next to the Pixie. Never leave fires, candles or gas lamps unattended. All wood is harvested from the forest and we ask you to be mindful of this and avoid large bonfires as it takes physical effort, time and fuel to harvest. You are welcome to give us a hand
and collect firewood if you like.

We are proudly off-grid and solar powered, thus we must be mindful when using electricity. Sunny days are great for charging devices and we try to avoid charging anything in the evenings. On cloudy days, it’s best to avoid using the washing machine or blenders. The washing machine is available for
you to use on sunny days for a small contribution.

We use the five R’s when it comes to waste disposal: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. All organic waste is either fed to the worms, composted or fed to the neighbours pig, Gwinya. Paper and cardboard are used to start the fire for the donkey boiler, while plastic, cans and glass are separated by making use of the bins at certain stations around the farm. We do not have dustbins in the earth huts as each single item of waste must be managed correctly. Disposal stations will be pointed out on your arrival.

We share our lives with our beloved pets and we welcome guests to bring their dogs if they are well behaved and the owners clean up
their poop. If your dog is not so social and requires a confined space we would suggest not to bring your pet.

Creepy crawlies, ticks and other wildlife
We share our environment with many different types of amazing wildlife as well as a number of creepy crawlies. Some are cute and some are a little creepy. We try not to kill anything unless it poses a risk. You may find some bugs in your room as they love the earth huts too. Please just brush them away if they are too close for comfort. In summer especially there are little ticks which can cause tick bite fever. After walking through long grass, check yourself for ticks or ask a buddy to help. Remove any ticks promptly if you spot them on your skin. Please walk mindfully and wear shoes when traversing unknown territory as there are snakes on the farm as well as sharp rocks and thorns. We have people onsite who are trained in the safe capture and release of snakes.\

You can find us on Google Maps so it is quite easy but it’s always good to have directions in case there is no reception. Take the N2 north from East London towards Mthatha. About 35 km out of East London take the Kei Mouth/Morgan Bay/Haga Haga turn-off to your right. Travel along this road for 11 km until you reach St Anthony’s Store on your left. There, opposite St Anthony’s, take the turn-off to Haga Haga to your right. Travel along this dirt road for 6 km. After 6km you will see a clump of dead Gum trees in a hollow on your left. There is a small wooden sign board ‘KHULA DHARMA’ on your left. Turn in there, go through the first gate (please close all gates) and just follow the farm road through the next gate and across the river. Keep going for about another 1.5km straight up the hill and park at the last gate. You can walk in and come look for one of us at the Farm House or around the gardens, somebody is always around. We will first show you your rooms to offload your luggage and ask you to then park your car outside of the Hill again at the parking area to minimise vehicles on the Hill. If you don’t have your own transport and arrive by air or bus we advise you to organise a transfer using a trusted transport service through Velile 083-4878975. The costs are a total of R700 one way for 1-4 people. You can also make use of Uber.