Natural Farm and Holistic Retreat

Khula – “grow” in Xhosa
Dharma – A cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order

Unplug at our Natural Farm and Holistic Retreat

Khula Dharma is a natural farming community, situated 10km from the coastal hamlet of Haga-Haga, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The farm is situated within a sub-tropical climate zone which allows for year round cultivation.

Our retreat space is equipped with a number of traditional thatched accommodation huts, a beautiful functions hall and a few other facilities which allow us to host a variety of events centered around holistic healing and learning.

Who Are We?

We are an off-the-grid community that encourages a lifestyle centered around living in harmony with one another and nature. As people who see themselves as stewards of this land, we intend for our work to be a proactive response to the environmental and social challenges of our time.
Our aim is to start telling a new story by showing that it is possible to live and farm in a way that supports life.

Experience the Community

Try our community on for size. Whether it's for a weekend, a week or even a month! We have 3 different experience options to choose from:

1. Accommodation
2. Volunteering
3. Workshops and Retreats

Today, we said goodbye to this awesome group of YoUbuntu retreat attendees. These future sustainability influencers have spent the last week here, learning about sustainability so that they can pass on their knowledge to communities all over the world! #khuladharma #ecovillage

Posted by Khula Dharma on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Become a Member Of Our Community

The land here naturally divides itself into two areas – "The Hill" is the communal area, where most people are living at present, and the homesteading farm area, on the lower flat lands.. We are calling this homesteading area Vana Butyebi (Flowing Abundance).

Khula Dharma invites those with a deep love for nature and passion for living a sustainable/regenerative lifestyle to join our community and establish a home which exists in harmony with its surroundings.