Khula Dharma invites those with a deep love for nature and a passion for living a sustainable/regenerative lifestyle to join our small community and establish a long-term homestead that exists in harmony with its surroundings.

As custodians of this land, we intend for our lifestyle to be a proactive response to the environmental and social challenges of our time. Our aim is to start telling a new story by showing that it is possible to live and farm in a way that supports life and regenerates nature. 

This is a valuable opportunity for people who want to build a small-scale farm or homestead without the prohibitive outlay of purchasing their own land with the added advantage of having like-minded neighbors who would support each other in various ways.

The total cost of establishing a homestead ranges widely depending on the choices one makes. We build naturally and harvest materials from the land as much as we can but labor costs, materials, and other building resources will be needed. You will be building your own house, fencing in your homestead area, and developing your whole farming system. So, whilst the start-up costs are considerable, your ongoing cost of living gradually decreases as you become less reliant on outside inputs. We are strongly committed to building in an “earth-friendly way”, meaning, establishing one’s house and homestead in a way that enhances the eco-system.

We hope to attract people who want to grow their own food and tend the land in an ecologically balanced way and people with specific skills who would like to start small businesses, for example, woodwork, craftwork, baking, value-added farm products, etc.

We are appealing to skilled men, women and families of integrity, courage, and discernment, to join us in following the path of a co-creative relationship with Nature.

We will give you as much help as we can in the setting up of your homestead site, the building of your natural home, and the establishing of your food forest…

By doing just this, you will be involved in perhaps the greatest much-needed work of our time – restoring indigenous forests and regenerating the land.

The joining procedure starts with you connecting with us & telling your story.

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What does Homesteading sound and look like at Khula Dharma?


Edging The Hill and further down the lower flat lands you’ll find a patchwork of 1ha self-sustaining settled homesteaders. Stitching us all together is thick coastal forest filled with wild life.

A homestead is defined as “a lifestyle of self-sufficiency characterised by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small-scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale.”