Living naturally

Khula – “grow” in Xhosa
Dharma – a right way of living




Khula Dharma is a natural living farm community nestled in the rolling hills of the Jikeleza coast on the road to Haga Haga.

The name Khula Dharma combines the Xhosa word Khula, which means “grow”, with the Sanskrit word Dharma which means to support the basic principles of individual cosmic existence or generally interpreted as “a right way of living”.

The name embodies our intention to create an environment that nurtures compassion and mindfulness, promotes peaceful coexistence among diverse people, and helps restore our conscious interconnection with Nature.

The land here naturally divides itself. It consists of Homesteaders, the permanent community members aspiring for self-sufficient homesteads and the more transitional, visitor, and volunteer area known as The Hill.

The Hill

Experience natural living in the transitional community. Whether it’s for a week or a month.

 We have something for everyone:

  • Short/Long term Accommodation
  • Volunteer Natural Living Program
  • Stepping stones into becoming a homesteader
  • Courses, Workshops and Retreats


For those looking to grow roots and create a life part of the Khula Dharma community.

Khula dharma invites those with a deep love for nature and passion for living a sustainable and regenerative lifestyle to join our community and establish a home that exists in harmony with its surroundings.

The Land

The farm is 180 hectares and lies in a sub-tropical climate zone which allows for year round cultivation. We are busy setting into place a system of land-regeneration to restore this farm back to its natural vegetation of beautiful riverine forest and coastal grassland. 

Ecological farming

This means combining modern science and innovation with respect for nature and biodiversity. We observe the patterns of nature and mimic them to work with nature rather than against it. With a diverse implementation of natural farming systems, we aim to produce a surplus of seasonal and organic food from our gardens. It ensures healthy farming and healthy food. It protects the soil, the water and the climate. It does not contaminate the environment with chemical inputs or use genetically engineered crops. 

As stewards of this land, we intend for our work to be a proactive response to the environmental and social challenges of our time.

Our aim is to start telling a new story by showing that it is possible to live and farm in a way that supports Life.