We are excited to announce that we are now ready to take on new members. In order to acquire a site on the farm, applicants must however first be accepted as members of the community.

This involves a thorough screening process which seeks to determine whether the applicant’s personality and lifestyle is compatible with that of the existing community members. The applicant also needs to ensure that he/she has sufficient funds to pay the joining fee, to build a home on The Hill or develop a homestead, as well as provide for him/herself until such a time that they are able to live self-sufficiently.

We are committed to helping and advising new members – you won’t be thrown in the deep end. Our small team has many skills which we would like to share with our new members.



Step 1: A letter of introduction and intent is sent to Khula Dharma.

Step 2: A questionnaire will be sent to you – it is a prerequisite for the joining process and is required of all applicants.

Step 3: A date is set between the applicants and KD to visit for a few days/weeks to allow for everyone to meet each other and discuss the procedure in more detail.

Step 4: After this initial visit to Khula Dharma you are required to leave the farm and reflect deeply on whether you would like to commit to becoming a member.

Step 5: If you have decided that you would like to join Khula Dharma, you will then go through a discernment / screening process with us. This will require your presence on the farm for at least a month to allow for you to integrate with community dynamics. The aim of this process is to give us the chance to determine whether you will be compatible with the existing community and if you are aligned with the collective vision. Applicants will be required to give a detailed description of their building plans, estimated costs of establishing their home on The Hill or establishing a homestead, as well as estimated living costs whilst the site is being developed. This is for the applicant’s own benefit to reflect on whether they have the means to achieve their plans.

Step 6: After a meeting of the community members, where they make the decision to accept your application or not, you will be informed of the decision.

Step 7: If your application is accepted, you may move onto the farm as soon as you can.

Step 8: As a new member/family whether you are moving onto The Hill or becoming a Homesteader, you are required to fund and build your own home. We will give you various choices of site. We can potentially provide you with temporary accommodation depending on availability of vacant rooms/buildings.



There is no employment available at KD at the moment. However, as the community grows, opportunities may become available for creating an income for yourself. At the moment you will have to have your own resources to live here. If you have a skill which can be of use to others here, then of course you can “sell” that skill to make a small living. The nearest large town, East London, is 60km away on a gravel road, making daily travel an unlikely option.