What does a “Homestead” look like at Khula Dharma?

We are appealing to men and women and families of integrity, courage and common sense, to join us in following the path of a co-creative relationship with Nature.

We will give you as much help as we can in the setting up of your homestead site, the building of you natural home, the establishing of your food forest..... By doing just this, you will be involved in perhaps the greatest much needed work of our time – restoring indigenous forest, and regenerating the land.

This is a valuable opportunity for people who want to build a small scale farm or homestead without purchasing their own land and with the added advantage of having good neighbors who can support each other in various ways.

Homesteads Site Fee

Once membership has been approved, you will then be required to pay a once-off buy-in fee for your own site which will be discussed during the application process.
The fee for 2023 (max 2 new homesteads) is R100.000 only for 2% of the Closed Corporation with rights to a 1 hectare plot, access to common land and shared communal buildings and resources.
In 2024 another 2 homestead sites will be open for the price of R110.000.

How much would it cost to establish a self-sufficient homestead?

The total cost of establishing a homestead ranges widely depending on the choice one makes. We build naturally and harvest materials from the land as much as we can but labour costs, materials and other building resources will be needed. You will be building your own house, fencing in your homestead area and developing your whole farming system. So, whilst the start-up costs are a considerable, your ongoing cost of living could very well gradually decrease as you become less reliant on outside in-puts. We are strongly committed to building in an “earth friendly way”, meaning, establishing one’s house and homestead in a way that enhances the eco-system.