What are the annual dues and fees?

We are well aware that we are living in difficult economic times and that existing and potential community members will inevitably be financially constrained throughout the process of developing their site. We would therefore like to keep any monthly contributions (levies) as minimal as possible so as to ensure that it remains affordable.

There are however certain farm expenses which benefit the whole community. These funds contribute towards expenses such as:

- Maintenance to roads and water infrastructure.

- Rates & Taxes.

- Fire Insurance

For 2023 there is a monthly levy of R500 per homestead per month. 

What are the community service requirements?

We encourage all members to partake in community gatherings and projects as much as possible to ensure we maintain a healthy and vibrant sense of community spirit and regenerate the farm as a whole beyond our private spaces.

As a member and homestead owner we all contribute by taking on responsibilities such as Communication and Marketing, Finance, Water, Roads and Paths, Cleaning community spaces, Reforestation and other aspects of sharing this farm together.

If I leave do I get my joining fee back?

The joining fee is not refundable but can be sold on to someone taking over your homestead.

What are new members paying for when they join?

The initial buy-in fee give 2% member interest in the Closed Corporation which owns the farm. Being a member gives you rights to your 1 hectare plot and use of communal buildings and common land within the structure of our Constitution.

Therefore your member interest can be passed down to your next of kin, provided the new buyer /next of kin is compatible with the ethos of the community.

Members are given co-stewardship of the land and are entitled to make full use of the community space and infrastructure such as the hall and workshop for any personal needs. They are also given the option to attend community meetings and to play a role in determining the farm's future, provided they show commitment and support in sharing the burden of the administrative, social, physical and cultural work required to create a thriving intentional community.

Buy in fees and monthly levies will be budgeted towards needed maintenance on communal buildings, roads and paths, reforestation, insurances and other communal needs.

What are Khula Dharma's current expenses?

Annual Operating Expenses: Wages, rates and taxes, farm insurance, maintenance and upgrades to community buildings and water/energy infrastructure, road repairs. L

If Khula Dharma is disbanded as a community or undergoes a change of ownership structure, what would the implications for members be?

We are in the processing of writing up a constitution for the farm in which all homesteads are co-owner of the farm. This agreement will seek to ensure that you will possess the right to legally occupy your site indefinitely.