Khula Dharma has been the venue for a diversity of retreats and events over the last few years such as Vipassana, eco-film festivals, yoga workshops, reconnecting with nature courses and most recently a sustainability workshop.

Our Dharma hall as we like to call it is a great space for morning meditations, yoga and even a class room. The land boasts a diversity of food forests and natural gardens and is a great space for learning, healing and re-connecting with nature.

The retreat space can currently accommodate 12 people at 2 people per room and 18 at 3 people per room.  The main communal farm house is also available for course facilitators/organizers to stay in and the kitchen is also fully equipped to be able to cater for the courses.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting your own workshop, event, retreat or even a self-retreat. For more information on the services/facilities we offer, please see our venue rental page.

Many of the community members have different forms of spiritual practice ranging from meditation, yoga, physical training, healthy eating and so forth and you are more than welcome to join in on the flow.

Below is a list of upcoming events feel free to check them out and we hope to see you soon.

Upcoming workshops and retreats:

Didgeridoo Workshop

Date: 21-24 September 2018

Join us for a 4 day didgeridoo reconnecting workshop. During the workshop we will cover all the aspects of playing this mystical instrument as well as crafting your own didge from scratch.