We have three options available for visitors to Khula Dharma. You can either camp, stay in one of our rooms in the retreat space or apply for longer term rental of one of our vacant earth homes.


Camping – R80 pp/night with the option of using the communal kitchen for an additional R20pp/night.



The other option is to stay in one of our rooms in the retreat space. Each room is equipped with two beds, bedside tables and shelves. All our buildings are built with natural resources from the land. The rooms are set in our retreat space with outdoor showers and compost toilets.

Please note that as this is an eco-friendly retreat space and we are therefore 100% off the grid, we do not have any electrical plug points in the rooms and there are no computer or TV facilities. There is however a small solar system which you will be allowed to use to charge your devices during the day.

We are still in the process of equipping the retreat space with a self-catering kitchen and for the time being the communal kitchen in the main house will be available for all your catering needs.

Single person room - R120

Double room – R 200

Triple room – R250


We are also preparing to be able to accommodate visitors wishing to stay for longer periods of time. The Hill currently has a few vacant buildings which we are in the process of renovating to be fully equipped units for long term leasing. If you are interested in potentially visiting for a while, please do not hesitate to contact us and request additional information regarding what options are available.

Suggested Packing:

  • Walking shoes and socks - if you have the space you could bring gumboots for rain and also for protection from snake bites (no one has ever been bitten by a snake here but there are snakes of course!)
  • Slops or sandals
  • A Sun hat
  • Easy wear clothes + swimming gear (we sometimes go down to the beach and there is also a farm dam to swim in on a hot day!)
  • Towels for showering and swimming
  • Sun screen
  • Biodegradable toiletries and laundry soap/powder (you will hand-wash your own clothes, no machine here!)
  • Torch + your own candles, candle holders and matches – we are off grid so be prepared
  • Yoga mats
  • Musical instruments
  • Journal for note taking/painting/drawing
  • Your own snacks and drinks (we are far from the shops) Please note we don’t have a fridge either.
  • You can bring a computer/cell phone