Khula Dharma is a natural farming community nestled within the rolling hills surrounding Haga-Haga in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The farm is 180 hectares, most of which is covered in dense black wattle and Blue Gum forest with a few patches of indigenous forest and grasslands, and is situated in a sub-tropical climate zone which allows for year round cultivation.

The name Khula Dharma combines the Xhosa word Khula, which means “grow”, with the Sanskrit word Dharma, which has no direct English translation but is generally interpreted simply as “the right way of living”. In both Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy, Dharma is also defined as “the eternal law/principle governing the universe” or “the path of awakening or righteousness”. The name therefore embodies our intention to create a space which nurtures the evolution of the individual and collective consciousness by encouraging a life of “seva” or service to creation in accordance with Dharma.

Thus we have come together to create an environment that nurtures compassion and mindfulness, that promotes a peaceful coexistence among diverse people, and that helps restore our conscious interconnection with Nature.

Our aim is to grow organically into a spiritually and ecologically sound Eco-village which is supportive, connected, multi generational and family-friendly and which finds meaning and enjoyment in living in harmony with each other and nature. We offer community members and visitors a chance to experience the joys and challenges of living in community and it is our hope that by creating a mindful intentional community, that it will inspire and support others to do the same.

The agreements and practices we have set out in this document are a reflection of our vision and intentions. Our ethos is an expression of how we naturally aspire to be, not a set of rules. As such we choose to periodically review our ethos and always remain open to discussion so that it may change and grow as we do.

As we explore conscious, co-creative living, may we become a vibrant village, a beacon of light for the benefit of future generations and all life on Earth.